Final Analysis

Dr. Isaac Barr (Richard Gere) is an expert psychiatrist in the field of the insanity defence. His patient, Diana Barlow (Urma Thurman) is neurotic and has some serious issues relating to sex and men. When their therapy reaches an impass, she suggests that he speak to her older (much more attractive) sister, Heather Evans, as Diana believes she has some repressed memories relating to some childhood traumas and that Heather may provide the key to treating her neurosis.

When Isaac meets Heather, they both start an affair, even though Isaac is aware that Heather is unhappily married to dangerous gangster, Jimmy Evans (Eric Roberts).

Unknown to Isaac, Heather apparently suffers from "pathological intoxication", a rare medical condition which renders a person violent if he or she comes into contact with even the most minute amounts of alcohol. After a night out with her husband whereby Heather consumes some alcohol, Heather then comes home and then proceeds to kill her husband while being "intoxicated" and has no memory of the events of that night, nor can anyone locate the missing murder weapon later on.

A trial ensues and Isaac goes out of his way in his professional capacity to get Heather acquitted on the basis that the events of the murder were an accident and they are successful in getting Heather acquitted.

But there is more to this than what it seems...

Tan Duy Le Nguyen

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