Final Analysis

Heather Evans (Kim Basinger) set up the whole thing. Heather malingers her illness, she pretends to be suffering from pathological intoxication so that she can use her "medical condition" so that the legal system can let her off for "accidently" killing her husband, Jimmy Evans (Eric Roberts). Heather also enlists her sister, Diana (Urma Thurman) as an accomplice and they both trick psychiatrist, Dr. Isaac Barr (Richard Gere) into getting Heather off the murder charges.In the end, Heather falls to her death off a lighthouse in a struggle with Dr. Isaac Barr. Meanwhile, Diana is acquitted of all charges of being an accomplice to her sister, Heather. Diana then assumes Heather's identity and takes over her sister's role of playing a woman suffering from pathological intoxication. At the end of the movie, we see Diana sip some champagne and then an evil look comes into her eyes.

Tan Duy Le Nguyen

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