Darkness (2002)

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It turns out that the seventh child is not the son Paul but his father Mark (the original boy that escaped). Albert was supposed to slit his throat like the other six but couldn't, because Albert was not sure that he loved his son enough for the sacrifice to work since the children had to die by truly loving hands. His dithering allowed his son to flee from the house and Albert knowing his son would be too traumatised to clearly remember the events that occurred let him go. Albert has had to wait 40 years to finish things off. Mark's death is needed to complete the ceremony. Regina is tricked into cutting her father's throat (he chokes so she performs a tracheotomy) at the time of the eclipse, upon which the forces of Evil are unleashed. Darkness descends and one by one our heroes are tricked and taken by the Darkness...until only Regina and Paul are left. They manage to escape from the house into Carlos' car who drives them away from their home. Only it's not Carlos but Darkness who drives them straight into a darkened tunnel. Darkness having dealt with the only ones left that really knew about them...the world is now theirs......

Marc Metcalfe

Visible crew/equipment: When Paul puts his set of pencils just in front of his bed hoping to be taken by the shadow under his bed, a hand with a kind of air-gun is noticeable next to Paul. (00:38:18)


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Paul: I don't like the dark here, it keeps eating my pencils.

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Question: Where exactly are the girl and her brother at the end of the movie?


Chosen answer: After escaping from the house, the fake Carlos drives Regina and Paul into a dark tunnel. It is not explained what happens next, but it's implied they will be killed.

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