Audio problem: When Regina's father goes crazy while chopping the potatoes the sound of the knife hitting the board is not synchronized.

Audio problem: In the beginning of the film when Mark and his family are having the party, the camera goes over to mark talking to some buddies. One of his buddies says "I'm warning you, it's not gonna be easy for your family to live in another country, especially for the kid's." You can see that he said something else or the timing is delayed when the shot goes to his face. (00:07:15)

s1neater Premium member

Paul: I don't like the dark here, it keeps eating my pencils.

Question: Why does the girl cut her dad's throat, if she knew that it would fulfill the curse?

Chosen answer: She was trying to help him breathe.

Melissa Swanger

Question: Where exactly are the girl and her brother at the end of the movie?


Chosen answer: After escaping from the house, the fake Carlos drives Regina and Paul into a dark tunnel. It is not explained what happens next, but it's implied they will be killed.

raywest Premium member

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