Continuity mistake: When Charlie sets the bath full of water on fire, the bits of burning wood scattered around the bath change position greatly between shots.


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Continuity mistake: When Charlie is setting the cars on fire and making them explode, two guys run to a car, near a picnic table set, which is intact and brand new looking, which in a previous shot exploded! The car next to it also explodes in a previous shot, but is brand new/intact in the same shot too!


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Continuity mistake: There is a dead, burning body laying in front of one black, burning car. In one shot of a man using his coat to put out fire on another mans arm, the body isn't there. It returns later.

00:39:15 - 00:40:20

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Continuity mistake: When Charlie and Andy are both shot on the wooden walkway, the "Raisin Chex" box that Andy drops changes the angle it sits between shots, and between many consecutive shots the cardboard flaps of the box alternate from being up/down.

00:52:35 - 00:53:30

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Continuity mistake: As the pick-up heads toward Charlie at the end, the man in the back is firing at her. When she makes the truck explode, the figure in the back is a dummy, as his arms look mounted to the roof. Also, one yellow floodlight in front of him is off, and when the explosion occurs, it's on.

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