Carry On, Constable

Continuity mistake: When Sgt. Wilkins and P.C. Thurston go on patrol in the police car, it's registration number varies between scenes, from 892FPC to UUV133. (00:38:15 - 00:45:40)

Continuity mistake: Potter and Benson are walking along a road when Potter sees the car used in the wages robbery. In the close up shots they are walking past some parked cars but in the long shots there are no parked cars.

Continuity mistake: When PC Potter slips over on the banana skin, the parked cars on the opposite side of the road have changed when he stands up.

Continuity mistake: When the car hoots at PC Potter when he starts to cross the road the black Ford consul parked on the far side of the road disappears when the angle changes.

Continuity mistake: Early in the film Potter asks a bank robber to direct him to the police station while the robber is getting into his getaway car, there are different cars parked on the other side of the road when the angle changes. Also a car has appeared parked behind the getaway car that wasn't there in the previous shot.

Continuity mistake: When Wilkins and Potter see the wages van that has just been robbed there is a car parked in front of the villain's getaway car which suddenly disappears.

Continuity mistake: When Constable Constable hears the woman screaming in the flat (which turns out to be on her radio) as he walks up the garden path there is a woman standing on the pavement staring at him, next shot she has disappeared.

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