Carry On, Constable

Continuity mistake: When Sgt. Wilkins and P.C. Thurston go on patrol in the police car, it's registration number varies between scenes, from 892FPC to UUV133.

00:38:15 - 00:45:40

Visible crew/equipment: At the end of the film when the four trainee constables find the villains hideout in the derelict house, PC Potter falls from the landing to the hallway. You can see the mattress put there for him to land on. It was not there in the previous shot.

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Continuity mistake: When the car hoots at PC Potter when he starts to cross the road the black Ford consul parked on the far side of the road disappears when the angle changes.

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Trivia: When Charles Hawtrey gets out of bed and steps in his chamber pot it starts rolling around on the floor and he tells it to be quiet. He was not meant to say it, he just improvised.

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James Warrender

Trivia: Sid James made his "Carry On" debut in this film.

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Trivia: Lucy Griffiths' voice for the film was dubbed by Marianne Stone.

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