Flight of the Phoenix

The crew finishes building the new plane (Phoenix) and just as they're about to take off, the gang of bandits appear and attack. Before take off, the plane's rudder is damaged by a bullet and Elliot (Giovanni Ribisi) fixes the problem. The Phoenix takes off and flies successfully and before the end credits through a series of photos we see what became of the crew when they made it back into civilization: Towns (Dennis Quaid) and A.J. (Tyrese Gibson) start their own airline (appropriately named Phoenix), Sammi and his wife start their own restaurant (Jeremy and Rady are there to celebrate), Liddle is reunited with his wife and kids, Ian (Hugh Laurie) becomes a professional golf player, Kelly (Miranda Otto) is working at at an ocean oil rig and Elliot is on a magazine cover with the headline "the future of NASA?"


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