Flight of the Phoenix

Dennis Quaid and Tyrese Gibson(The Fast and Furious 2) run an airline transport company, when they are assigned to transport an oil crew out of a site, to another location. When they are flying out, Quaid runs into a sand storm and it causes the plane to crash into the desert, far away from civilation. They try to survive, but with water and supplies dwendling down, things start getting hard for the crew & passengers, especially when a local sand-people gang, threaten to harm them. Then one of the corky, but arrogant passengers, decides that he can rebuild the plane out of the other spare parts, as so they can fly out to safety. So, they start rebuilding the plane, and in the mean time keeping an eye on the sand people gang while doing so. But then, they all find out something interesting about the person that says that he can rebuild the plane!

Plot hole: This film is set in 2004. The thought that no search and rescue operations would be put in place after an aircraft disappeared from radar during a routine flight is absurd. The Chinese are paranoid about intrusion on their territory and the downed aircraft would have been located by a simple satellite search within hours of it crashing. Chinese military satellites crisscross the Gobi and they are equipped with optical cameras, microwave and infrared detectors and radar, so spotting a metal aircraft on the ground would be simple even if it was hundreds of kilometres off course. The crew would have been visited by Chinese military helicopters (and probably arrested!) as soon as the storm had died down.

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Sammi: I thought you weren't religious, Rady?
Rady: Spirituality is not religion. Religion divides people. Belief in something unites them.

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