Which Way To The Front?

Trivia: The movie was not very popular in the US since it dealt with WWII and Nazis in a very unconventional way (for Americans), but it did enjoy great popularity in Europe.

Trivia: The assassination attempt on Hitler obviously originates from the historical attempt from July 20, 1944, by Oberst von Stauffenberg, as it should have been under "ideal" conditions - except that the bombing occurred in Hitler's command center the "Wolfsschanze," in East Prussia.

Trivia: The Dock Master in the film was played by Joe Besser, the last "Curly" of the Three Stooges.


Trivia: The character of Kesselring is based on Field Marshall Albert Kesselring (Smiling Albert) the commander of the German troops in Italy during World War 2.


Trivia: The Lieutenant Levitch character is a reference to Jerry Lewis' actual family name, Levitch. Jerry Lewis' birth name was Joseph Levitch.


Trivia: Jerry Lewis' real son, Ron, plays Lieutenant Levitch in the film.


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Adolf Hitler: Did you know that last year more people died from cigarette smoking than from bombings?
Brendan Byers III: What will you do about that, F├╝hrer?
Adolf Hitler: Increase the bombings.



When the mayor's wife attempts suicide by stuffing herself with pills, she is lying behind a sofa, only her arm and the pill bottle being visible as she pours the contents into her mouth. In the next shot (a close-up), however, the crown of her head is visible, and it is evident that she pours the pills over the top of her head.