Surviving Christmas

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Ben Affleck gets hit in the head by the shovel in the beginning, when the shovel is about to hit him, the paper is not on fire for a split second. Then when he's on the ground it's on fire again.

Continuity mistake: This movie has a major problem with snow continuity throughout. Near the beginning of the movie, Drew and Tom are talking outside with the snow falling. None of it sticks to Drew's parka or to Tom. When Drew enters the home he is covered with snow. Later, when Drew is talking outside again he is covered with snow but not one additional flake lands on him (or the person he is talking to) and sticks. Also, Drew trips on the tree and other items nearby, making a big mess but in the next scene with the tree it looks like nothing ever happened.

Wayne C.

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Drew Latham: Please! Please, let me stay here.
Tom Valco: No.
Drew Latham: I'll pay you.
Tom Valco: My family's not for sale, pal.
Drew Latham: I'll pay you $250,000.
Tom Valco: Welcome home, son.



When James Gandolfini hits Ben Affleck over the head with the shovel, for burning something in his front yard, he falls, but his head never hits the ground. You can actually see Ben Affleck holding his head up a few inches off the ground. An impossible feat for someone who is supposed to be unconscious.