Marooned (1969)

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Corrected entry: Rescue astronaut Dougherty uses a large back-pack style unit to propel himself from his rescue ship over the the open hatch on the marooned 'Ironman 1' capsule. Just before he is about to attempt to lower himself through the open hatch of 'Ironman 1', his back-pack unit is instantly missing, and nowhere to be seen outside the spaceship. There is no way the bulky backpack unit would have allowed Dougherty through the small hatch.

Kit Sullivan

Correction: The backpack is right behind Dougherty, over the "Ironman 1" capsule.

Corrected entry: The technicians at Houston's Mission Control center are discussing the physical condition of the stranded astronauts, and one of them makes the statement that astronaut 'Stoney' has "lost 16 pounds". It would be impossible to make that determination considering that they are in a zero-G environment and there would be no way to 'weigh' anything.

Kit Sullivan

Correction: NASA uses an inertial balance to measure astronaut's weight in zero-G.

Corrected entry: As Flight Director Keith is informing rescue-astronaut Dougherty about the impending hurricane before the rescue launch, Dougherty exclaims "You're right Buzz, it's impossible". The character of 'Buzz' Lloyd is an astronaut that is marooned up in space, on another spacecraft. He should have said "You're right, Keith", or something to that effect.

Correction: The actual quote was "you're right boss, it's impossible".

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Early in the film Gene Hackman tests a rocket-powered backpack outside the space station. He slowly spins sideways through a complete circle, but instead of each side of his body being lit up in turn as it's pointed towards the sun, the light stays constant throughout the maneuver, showing that the makers just took a photo of Hackman and rotated it.