Marooned (1969)

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By heroic effort, the Titan IIIC and XRV lifting body reach the pad, fueled and prepped in time with no serious third party casualties, only to have NASA Chief Keith forced to scrub the launch at t-minus 60 seconds when hurricane winds exceed 48 mph. The doomed Apollo crew is informed so they may prepare themselves, when the eye of the storm allows a second chance for Rescue to be launched piloted by Cmdr Dougherty (David Jansen) but now there is insufficient oxygen to allow the Apollo crew to last even the final 50 minutes until being rescued. Pruett (Richard Crenna) sacrifices himself (by exiting the module) so that the oxygen supply doesn't run out too quickly. Buzz (Gene Hackman) and Clayton (James Franciscus) are rescued by Dougherty and a Soviet cosmonaut working as a surprise team.


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Ted Dougherty: Listen, all you guys gotta worry about is where you want me to set you down after I make the transfer. Go on, pick your spot. Edwards? Vegas? How about the beach at Malibu?



Early in the film Gene Hackman tests a rocket-powered backpack outside the space station. He slowly spins sideways through a complete circle, but instead of each side of his body being lit up in turn as it's pointed towards the sun, the light stays constant throughout the maneuver, showing that the makers just took a photo of Hackman and rotated it.