Battle Royale II: Requiem

The remaining classmates realise Wild Seven are not the enemy, and side with them in the fight against the adults. Nanahara orders most of the girls and young children to escape via a cave they have made all the years, most of the boys stay to fight the adults, as does Shiori Kitano. After a lengthy gun battle, all there is left is Nanahara, Kitano and Aoi. Out-numbered to the max, Kitano is shot down, and in her dying words asks Nanahara what the mystery girl Niriko was like. After his reply of "She was always smiling" and a sad confession by Kitano, she dies in Nanahara's arms. Aoi comes in and explains he is out of ammo, so Nanahara hands him his AK-47 Assault Rifle. Drawing his only remaining gun left, a revolver, Nanahara and Aoi charge at the resistance. A white light of hope shines down on them to which the audience see.This cuts to a shot in a desert, the classmates are all there, alive and well, dressed in Arab Robes. They all see a 4x4 approaching, and out comes Nanahara and Aoi. Nanahara is reunited with Noriko, and he vows he will always fight adults, even though he is aware he will soon be one himself. Nanahara, Noriko and the remaining orphans bid there farewells to the remaining Class Members, and they go there seperate waysBR2 Result: Mission Failed, 34 Students Dead, 8 Missing.......

Michael Brown

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