Battle Royale II: Requiem

3 years have passed since the original Battle Royale Survival Program, and survivors Shuya Nanahara and Noriko have formed a terrorist faction known as the "Wild Seven" A bombing occurs in Tokyo on Christmas Day, which kills over 8000 people, and leave millions homeless. "Wild Seven" are giving the blame.

After the incident, Shuya Nanahara sends a video via Internet to all world leaders...."We declare War on all Grown Ups" The Japanese government, once again, become desperate, and create 'The Millenium Anti-Terrorism Survival Programme' better known as BR2.

On a bus journey towards a Ski vacation, a random school class of low lifer's are gassed and taken to a military base, and are told the rules for the "next game" Finding out the hard way, the class realise they all have a partner, a boy and a girl with the same class number, and if there partner dies, there necklaces around there necks will also detonate. Most of the class are scared and confussed, all except Shiori Kitano, daughter of the teacher involved in the BR three years ago. She signed up by herself, no for bloodlust, but for revenge, revenge on her father's death, the detah in which Nanahara was responsible.

After graphic persuasion from there ring leader, all but 2 of the class are geared up and are taken to the island where "Wild Seven" are based. The time limit is 3 days, the target is Shuya Nanahara, let the game's begin....

Michael Brown

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