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9.7/10.The second best movie of Julianne Moore's career.She, as Telly Paretta, deals with alien life trying to experiment on and take away her child as well as the bond between them.I would call this one of the most underrated sci-fi movies ever made.Sure it's not the same level as Predator or Terminator 2 :Judgement Day, but it works its way to the second level.I enjoyed it as it had a solid story, believable characters, and a premise which could be a metaphor some have over their children growing up and moving away.Kudos to Julianne Moore for an excellent, as usual, performance, she should've won the Golden Globe at least for it.


Continuity mistake: The top of the cabin is blown off when Agent Al gets "taken up". However, in the overhead shot that immediately follows, we can distinctively see all the figures on the floor of the cabin, including the agent (who is still tied to the chair).

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Jim Paretta: I think it's great, you're starting to write again. What's your book going to be about?
Telly Paretta: Psychotic women, and the men who love them.

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Trivia: During most of the movie, Telly's eyes are extremely red from no sleep. When the President of Quest Air is "forgotten", Telly's eyes are suddenly and symbolically clear.

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Question: What exactly is the experiment all about?

Answer: To test the bond between children and their parents.

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