The Forgotten

Telly Paretta's son Sam dies in a plane crash. The movie takes place 14 months after this has happened. Telly is having grief counselling, but suddenly, her psychologist tells her that Sam was just a figment of her imagination. She tries to prove that he existed but all photos and videos of him are gone. She meets Ash Correll, who had a daughter who died in the same plane crash. He can't remember his daughter, Lauren. Telly goes into his office and rips back the wallpaper revealing Lauren's room. Telly manages to remind Ash about Lauren and then they realise that their kids aren't dead. They find out that aliens are conducting an experiment on them to find out about mother-child bonding and whether it is possible for a parent to forget a child. Ash and Telly go on a quest to find their kids, and, along the way, Telly finds out that her husband has forgotten her.

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Telly Paretta: At first I thought it had something to do with the plane crash. Remember when that TWA plane crashed over Long Island? Everybody thought it was a missile, friendly fire, or some type of government cover-up.
Ash Correll: Yeah, I remember that.
Telly Paretta: But then I thought, you know, 'How could the government erase our memories?' Its just not possible. So.
Ash Correll: What?
Telly Paretta: So you don't think I'm out of my mind?
Ash Correll: I don't anymore.



When Ash breaks the window in the house at Long Island all the glass disappears in the window, apart from a little at the top. However, in the next shot when Telly and Ash walk through the window, all the glass has vanished.



The president of QuestAir is named "Shineer." In French it sounds alike to the word "chimere" which means "ghost."