Fandango (1985)

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Corrected entry: The whole story is about 4 high school youths graduating and making a last drive to dig up a bottle of "Dom" before they move on in life or either get drafted to the newly developing Vietnam war. It is set in the late 1960's, with Kevin Costner (one of his first movies) and Judd Nelson. The credits open to the song "Saturday Night Alrights for Fight'n" by Elton John which plays on the radio in the film. This song didn't come out until 1973, almost when the war was over.

Correction: First, the story is about 4 college students. Second, the film takes place in 1974 – as the headstone indicates in the graveyard seen.

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In the beginning when the college grads are making drinks in the blender, they're using Citrus Hill orange juice. The movie takes place in 1971 and Citrus Hill wasn't on the market until the mid 80s.



There is a scene where the characters are standing outside "Chuey's Bar & Grill," an old deserted bar. This bar is located about 10 miles west of Pecos, Texas on Interstate 20. Look for the bar to your left if you're headed westbound towards Toyah, Texas.