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Continuity mistake: At one point Snipes jumps into the ocean to save his son, and when it shows a close-up on his face, you can tell it's not him. It's a pretty weak stunt double.

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Continuity mistake: The point is made a couple of times in the movie that Bobby Rayburn is playing centerfield for the Giants and moving Juan Primo to LEFT field. But on Opening Day, when Rayburn and Primo collide in the outfield trying to catch a fly ball, Rayburn's moving to his left while Primo's moving to his right, indicating that Primo was playing RIGHT field.

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Continuity mistake: In the final scenes when Snipes has to hit a home run to save his son, the pitcher is addressed as Martinez, but as he throws the last ball you can just see the back of his jersey where it shows the beginning of his name, but instead of starting with a M it starts with a C.

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