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Stu Miley: The woman I love is living with a horny little monkey that looks like me.
Kitty: What a lucky girl.

Organ Donor Stu: What is wrong with my neck?
Doctor: You broke it, you're an organ donor.

Stu Miley: Back in the pack.

Monkeybone: No I wasn't in a coma! Alright I was in a coma but it wasn't like I was in A coma and goofing off, I was thinking up hilarious new bits the whole time.

Stu Miley: Excuse me kitty. I'll be right back after I choke my monkey.

Trivia: The way the god of sleep's goat legs were achieved usually consisted of hiding the actor's legs behind or below whatever the character was sitting on. However, when he had to walk, the actor wore a pair of green screen pants with the goat legs going down to his knee. There was padding from the bottom of his knee to the top of his foot so he wouldn't make any sound he wasn't supposed to. Look behind him when he walks in a crowd and you'll see that nobody gets less than two feet behind him. This is most noticable in the slumber party scene and when monkeybone steals Stu's exit pass. To see what I mean, look at the special features and watch "The Secrets of Monkeybone"

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