Open Water

Plot hole: It shows two air tanks missing on the boat. Now obviously when they get back to shore and all the tanks are put back, there would be two empty spaces, meaning hey, we forgot two people.

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Suggested correction: True, but who says they didn't alert the authorities or return when they eventually realised it? Even if they did, the two divers drifted and were being stalked by sharks. It was set up earlier in the film when they showed their flawed way of tracking who went into the water and returned, so it makes sense that they overlooked what happened.


Visible crew/equipment: When Susan tries on a hat while the couple are shopping in the island town, you can see the cameraman in her mirrored shades. (00:06:00)

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Susan: I can't even believe you'd bring that up right now. You were the one who picked the dates.
Daniel: Oh yeah, of my whopping two choices - this was the better date.

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Trivia: No digital- or special effects were used in the film. The actors were in the water with real live sharks.

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