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Corrected entry: When Stan is taking a shower, Mrs. Brummel comes in. When Stan hugs her, the right side of her scalp comes off. Then in a later scene, Delilah and Casey are hiding in the closet of the faculty lounge. They find the body of Mrs. Brummel and she falls to the floor. But now the left side of her scalp is missing.

Correction: This isn't correct. When the body falls in the closet, it's a lot more decayed and missing more hair. We still see the right side of the scalp missing like it was in the shower, she also happened to lose the left side of her scalp (off camera) as well. But no mistake.


Corrected entry: When Zeke hands Mary-Beth the drug, when she takes the drug from him the lid is not on, then it is in the next shot.

Correction: The whole time Zeke is holding the vials of drugs (for Mary-Beth and Delilah) the lids are on both of them. And when he hands one to Mary-Beth, the lid is still on.


Corrected entry: Near the beginning, when the coach is drinking water like it's going out of fashion, the first shot shows the water bottle on the dispenser practically empty, then in the next shot it is full again.

Correction: No, the water bottle is never near empty. In fact, the first time you see it, it's filled nearly to the top and goes down each time since he's drinking a lot of water.


Corrected entry: During the scene between Stan & Gabe near the lockers, Stan asks Gabe why students are lined up there to go to the nurse's office. When Gabe answers "Something about an ear exam..." the camera shows his profile - his mouth isn't moving at all to the words.

Correction: It looked like his mouth was moving to me.


Corrected entry: When Marybeth is in Zeke's house before they take the drug, she's near the table near Stokely, but in the next shot she's sitting on the sofa near Casey.

Correction: You can clearly see Mary Beth sit down on the couch after Casey takes the drug.


Corrected entry: As the group of students are heading outside to Zeke's car they pass a classroom with the door open - you can see Gabe (Stan's friend) sitting there. Shortly afterwards when they are outside Gabe and the rest of the football team come over to speak to Stan. Gabe is in two places at once.

Correction: It was not Gabe in the classroom. If you look closely you can tell it is a white football player in the classroom. Gabe is black.


Corrected entry: When the students are leaving the classroom, after the scene where they first find out Mr. Furlong is an alien, the camera shows Zeke leaving the room twice.

Correction: I just got done watching this movie. Zeke only leaves the room once.


Corrected entry: The drug only takes seconds to kill the huge and powerful Host Alien, but takes a long time to work on the very thin Jon Stewart.

Gavin Jackson

Correction: Jon Stewart was a human infected, and thus had a fairly small alien bit which resulted in a fairly small vulnerability to the drug. The Host Alien was entirely alien and, as such, had a much larger vulnerability to it.


Corrected entry: When Casey and Delilah run into the closet in the faculty lounge in a hurry because they hear the two teachers coming, they don't completely close the door (we see this in several different shots). Yet when the coach hears them and comes over to open the door and get them out, the door is completely closed.

Correction: Actually, Nurse Harper gets shoved against the door. This pushes it shut.

Continuity mistake: When Zeke is in his car driving and fighting off Miss Burke, just before he crashes into the bus, you see him inside the car struggling to buckle his seat belt and therefore with all hands on it. Problem is, the camera filming the car from the outside clearly shows that the driver has both hands firmly gripped on the steering wheel and is swerving out of control.

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Nurse Harper: I'm saving my sick-days till when I'm feeling better.

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Trivia: "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" co-star Charisma Carpenter was approached for the role of head cheerleader Delilah. Carpenter turned down the role, feeling it was too similar to her "mean-girl" "Buffy" character Cordelia.


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Question: In the scene where the main characters are talking about their peculiar behaviours i.e.- "Stokely, since when did you start liking boys" and "What, Delilah, you haven't gone without hairspray and contacts since birth". Can anyone please tell me what Delilah means when she says to Casey- "And Casey, since when did you become Sigourney Weaver?" I have never understood what it means but I think it might have some reference to the movie "Alien".

Answer: That's exactly right. Weaver fought aliens in all the "Alien" movies.


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