Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle

Revealing mistake: In shots of the drive-through guy at the the Burger Shack, it can be seen that the restaurant has no back wall.

Revealing mistake: During the scene where the gang are beating up the two guys in Newark, observe the black guy in beige pants: he is making kicking motions but not actually connecting with anything. He is about two feet away from the guy on the floor.


Revealing mistake: During the hanggliding scene we see from the close up shot that Harold and Kumar are both on the hand glider. However, from the wider aerial shots there is only one person in the glider.


Revealing mistake: After they almost drive the Xtreme truck off of the cliff, Kumar gives a speech on their ancestors. He appears to be standing too far in front of the vehicle, which is partially over the cliff. In some shots in the same scene we see him standing on a short outcropping, but the angle of him to the vehicle doesn't match with the earlier shots.

Revealing mistake: As Harold and Kumar are driving through Newark they observe some guys beating up a 'lamer version of them'. Right after Harold and Kumar say "Holy Shit" we see the gang stop, pause and then start again. Watch the guy in the green beenie hat as he swings the baseball bat. He makes to hit the guy on the floor but actually stops the swing about three feet above him.


Revealing mistake: When Kumar is clipping his pubes in Harold's mirror, when they go to a close up of Kumar's face and torso when he's speaking, you can see the blue shorts he's wearing for the shot. When Harold entered the room we can see Kumar from behind nude facing the mirror.

Revealing mistake: When Harold is being attacked by the raccoon you can see the blood is being squirt out of the fake raccoon's mouth and not coming from Harold's neck.


Continuity mistake: When Harold and Kumar almost crash into Goldstein and Rosenberg we see Goldstein's car stop a short distance behind Harold's. Then in the wide shot the car is now much further down the road.


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Harold: Dude, we're so high right now!
Kumar: We're not low!

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