The Babe Ruth Story

Deliberate mistake: The same scene of William Bendix at bat swinging and missing is used repeatedly in the film.

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Deliberate mistake: William Bendix is taking the train from Boston to New York. There is a shot of the Southern Pacific Coast Daylight passing by a grove of eucalyptus trees in California, followed by a scene on board the train with a reference to Westport. It may take a railfan to distinguish between the Coast Daylight of the Southern Pacific and the Yankee Clipper of the New Haven Railroad, but it doesn't take a railfan to know that there are no eucalyptus trees in Connecticut.

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Continuity mistake: When the Babe hits his sixtieth home run, the game is played against the Washington Senators. However, when running the bases, you can see that the scoreboard has them playing against Chicago.


Ken Sheldon



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