The Tall Guy

The Tall Guy (1989)


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Dexter: I hope all your children have very small dicks! And that includes the girls.

Kate: Are you going to walk me home? Or should I just get murdered on my own?

Prostitute: Care for a fuck, big boy?
Dexter: No thanks, just had one.

Ron Anderson: Listen, Dexter, is there something troubling you? Something that you would like to talk to someone about?
Dexter: Well, yes, as a matter of fact there is.
Ron Anderson: Then for fuck's sake talk to someone about it, will you? And sort it out before I sack you and hire a lobotomized monkey to play your role. Okay?

Revealing mistake: In a shower scene, the camera moves to a point which allows us to see the shorts that Dexter is wearing to keep his modesty.

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