Eye for an Eye

After the young woman Sally Field has tries desperately to warn turns up dead, she realises it's up to her to make sure no-one else meets the same fate. She goes to Kiefer Sutherland's house, trashes it, and leaves her hat so he knows she did it. She then tells her husband (played by Ed Harris) that she will meet him and their young daughter at their cabin in the woods later for their family trip. In the meantime, she prepares for a showdown. Kiefer goes home, sees the mess, sees the hat and decides to take a trip to see Sally Fields. He breaks into her house, hears the shower running and decides to surprise her. He moves the shower curtain only to find he was set up. She emerges from another room and they wrestle. They fall down the stairs and Sally Fields shoots Kiefer. He dies.

Reploid X

Continuity mistake: In the beginning of the movie Sally Field is applying her make-up in a small cosmetic mirror. She accidentally hits the mirror with her brush and attempts to put it back in position. However, the viewer is now able to see the camera and crew behind her shooting the scene in the cosmetic mirror.

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Karen McCann: Why don't you offer him a candy bar and maybe he will confess?

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