Out For Justice

Revealing mistake: When Richie shoots the random woman, as soon as he grabs her head and shoots her, it is clear that it's a dummy.

Revealing mistake: When Gino puts a cleaver through the hand of one of Richie's men during the fight at the butcher's shop, you can see the man is wearing a fake hand.

Revealing mistake: When Gino hits Richie with the roller, the padding on Richie's back can be seen underneath his shirt.

Revealing mistake: Before the showdown with Richie, Gino grabs Tattoo's arm, pulls him through the railing and he slams face-first into a brick wall. When Tattoo hits the brick wall, it moves.

Revealing mistake: It is quite clear that the bad guy shot at the end by Gino has a fake leg below the knee. It even comes away at an angle even though he was shot from the front.

Continuity mistake: When Richie shoots Bobby on the sidewalk, after he spits on him, he walks to the road to get into the red sports car. Bobby's wife then runs over and gets on her knees to attend to Bobby, there is no red sports car on the road in the background, but in the next shot it shows Richie getting into the car and taking off from the position the car was originally waiting.

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Det. Gino Felino: Whose hot dog is this, eh?

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Trivia: During one take of the final showdown between Gino and Richie, Steven Seagal actually broke William Forsythe's tooth when he shoved him into a brick wall.

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