Shaolin Soccer

Shaolin Soccer (2001)

2 corrected entries

Corrected entry: When the shaolin team players gets beaten up in their first match, they regain their powers. Watch the other team's goal - the shaolin goalkeeper is "hanging" in it.

Correction: The goalkeepers kung-fu power is his arm strength (thats why he was the goalkeeper), not being able to hover. He was supposed to be 'hanging'.

Corrected entry: Sing gets into a fight with the gang, and he kicks a football right at one of them. The football hits him in the stomach and sends him flying in the air. In the next shot we see him making a couple of spins and falling flat on the ground, but the football has magically disappeared. Then, in the next shot, another gang member has the ball.


Correction: When the thug that rolls over several times gets hit with in the stomach by the ball, it flies away by the impact, it doesn't stick to him. That's why another guy has it directly after.