Prom Night

Corrected entry: Robin falls backwards out of a window from the top of the house and she dies. In a following shot of her, her chest is rising and falling.

Correction: That just means she didn't die instantly. She did have bad bodily damage and appeared to be slashed up by the glass quite a bit, probably even the neck. But she only fell from a couple stories up. That would very well have killed her, but not necessarily instantly, and she may have kept breathing for a few moments.

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Revealing mistake: During the scene in which Lou forces himself on Kim in the lunchroom, donning a black ski mask, Kim's brother Alex jumps up to his sister's defense. Just before Alex throws his first punch, Kim screams "Michael," referring to the actor's real name Michael Tough. Kim then correctly screams "Alex," the name of the character he was playing in the film.

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Kelly: Oh Drew, there was this horrible voice, on the telephone.
Drew: A heavy breather?
Kelly: No, worse than that.
Drew: He turned you on, didn't he? I ought to try that sometime.
Kelly: I'm serious.
Drew: So am I.

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