Blind Date

Revealing mistake: When David drives through the outer wall of the bakery products store, in the side shot the wall first bends, then it breaks as the car goes through. Also, the next back shot is a repetitive action, although the window breaks quite differently in both shots. (00:50:45)

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Revealing mistake: David drives through the paint store window and the interior shot shows many exploding paint cans, among them exploding blue paint cans. In the next exterior shot, cans are falling directly in front of the car, but are not exploding paint as in the first shot. More importantly, the yellow and blue paint cans that have been stored overhead, fall from above and have no lids, thus spilling paint as it falls down towards the car. Obviously done for the effect of a greater paint mess. (00:37:10)

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Other mistake: Nadia appealing for a lawyer to act on behalf of Mrs Yakamoto in her divorce is pointless. An American lawyer would be of no value to her: her divorce (should she decide to go through with it) would be heard in front of a Japanese court, and they are extremely stingy with women who divorce their husbands. Nadia may not know that, but Mr and Mrs Yakamoto are Japanese nationals - she is wearing traditional dress! The American lawyers would know perfectly well that the divorce would be handled by a Japanese court - the US would have no jurisdiction at all.

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