Stupidity: There is absolutely no reason for the cabin shootout scene. The bad guys already know that Krueger is hiding Leigh, instead of a pointless shootout and five dead guys the bad guys could have simply forced Krueger at any point to tell them where she is or send a few men to tail Krueger to her.

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New today Suggested correction: Kruger would never have given up Leigh's location under threat, and without any leverage over him DeGuerrin has nothing to threaten him with anyway. This is why DeGuerrin goes to great lengths to stage an assault on the cabin by hiring mercenaries to attack his witness, only to double cross them in the end. If everything had gone to plan, they would have made contact with Leigh after the cabin raid and DeGuerrin would have simply found a way to kill her, Kruger, and Monroe. The only problem with this plan is that Kruger doesn't trust DeGuerrin after their conversation on the plane and purposefully gives him the wrong city. The cabin shootout most certainly did serve a purpose, and that purpose was to trick Kruger into unwillingly breaking his own rules.


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