The Day After Tomorrow

Corrected entry: When the father and his buddy camp in the Wendy's they survive the sudden coldness because they put all of the gas rings on. But any kind of gas would be frozen.

Correction: This is not liquid gas in this scene. The temperature would have to be much colder to freeze natural gas.

Corrected entry: When Houston asks the space station to confirm that Northern Europe is clear, they look over at Italy and confirm that it's clear. Italy is part of Southern Europe.


Correction: They say "we're over Europe", not "northern Europe".

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Corrected entry: When the three helicopters crash in Scotland they appear to be CH53 Jolly Green Giants with RAF markings. This helicopter is not in the RAF inventory. The largest helicopters in the RAF are the CH47 Chinook and the new EH101. (00:39:35)

Correction: The helicopters are in fact Sea Kings, RAF's workhorse. They bear only a slight resemblance to the Super Stalion (Jolly Green Giant), and are much smaller. Pictures for comparison bellow. Sea King Super Stalion.

Corrected entry: In Tokyo, you see a man with his phone, talking to his wife. The hail starts falling and he makes a run for it, he falls and his hands are empty. But in the close up, you see a phone in his hand.

Correction: Frame by frame, you can see that the phone is in his hands, but due to poor lighting it only looks like part of his hand.

Corrected entry: In the scene where they are searching the ship that just floated up a street in New York for medicine they find the first aid cabin. Every bottle of medicine is still upright, which could not occur if the ship just went through a 40-60' tsunami.

Correction: First, ships' medicines are normally stored in shallow trays designed to keep them upright. Since the more a ship rocks, the more likely injuries tend to occur, and it would do no good if the medicines were damaged as a result. Second, a properly ballast ship would ride a swell - even a large one - relatively upright. Note that the tables, chairs and ketchup bottles were also upright.

Corrected entry: When Jack enters New York city he walks by the statue of liberty. This is an odd way to enter the city considering the statue of liberty is over the Atlantic (east of New York) and they are coming from the south.

Correction: The Statue of Liberty is off the Lower Battery of NYC near Ellis Island. If you fly into NYC from the west, which I have done hundreds of times, you fly over the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. It is not located east of New York.

Corrected entry: The temperature in the eye of the storm(s) is quoted at approx. -150°F (-100°C). The crew of the crashed helicopters (in the UK) froze in seconds. Even at -100°C, it would take several minutes for a naked man to freeze solid, especially with the calm winds in the eye. A man with winter gear (like that crew had) would likely be mobile for hour

Correction: Technically, they only stated that fuel freezes at -150 F, so this may be regarded as the maximum (as in warmest) temperature the helicopters were exposed to. If you look at the speed with which the fuel froze, it must have been much colder than that.

Corrected entry: Even though all of the RAF helicopters are flying in close proximity to each other, they all freeze at different times. They should all have frozen at the same time.


Correction: Not necessarily. The hydraulic oil and engine oil, and perhaps fuel would have been what froze, causing them to crash. All of these fluids are heated by engine heat, pressure and such. All of those can freeze at different rates depending on the operating temperatures of the respective equipment. This happens at the mine I work at. In extreme cold, the equipment has never frozen up at the same time.


Corrected entry: During the LA tornado scene, a news van is travelling down the highway giving a report. Out of nowhere a car is thrown by the tornado in their direction. The reporter yanks the steering wheel severely to the left, which should have violently put the van into the path of the car or at the very least slammed them into the guardrail, but instead the van makes a controlled and gentle turn to the right.

Correction: Just watched this scene and this entry isn't correct. The driver yanks the wheel to the left then the camera angle switches to outside and the van is seen going sharply left, missing the car then going right. All seems like it should be.

Other mistake: At the end of the film when they arrive in NYC looking for the library, we know that they survived because they are inside with a roaring fire burning. But where is the smoke up above, as Jack Hall approaches? There must be a chimney, or else they would have all died of asphyxiation.

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Suggested correction: As already corrected, just because we can't see an outlet for the smoke doesn't mean there isn't one. White smoke against white snow is very hard to see.

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But they were still burning the books, which meant the smoke should be black, if they stop burning the books, the smoke would have been white, which isn't the case in the movie.

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Vice President Becker: I don't accept that abandoning half of the country is necessary!
Tom Gomez: Maybe if you'd listened to him sooner, it wouldn't be.
Vice President Becker: Bullshit! It's easy for him to suggest this plan. He's safely here in Washington.
Tom Gomez: His son is in Manhattan. I just thought you should know that before you start questioning his motives.

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Trivia: Before the film was released, N.A.S.A. sent a memo out to all of its employees stating that they were not allowed to comment on the likelihood of the events portrayed in this movie.

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