Disturbing Behavior

Disturbing Behavior (1998)

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Egmatic janitor Dorian Newberry discovers that his sonic rat deterrent damages the implants in the blue ribbons. While saving the Steve Clark he is shot by Dr. Edgar Caldicott. Dying he lures the ribbons onto his car then drives off a cliff, Steve kicks Caldicott off a cliff and manages to make it too the ferry with his sister Lindsay, mate UV and girlfriend Rachel.Meanwhile, an inner city classroom has a new student teacher... surviving blue ribbon Gavin Strick


Continuity mistake: Chug destroys the Eraticate with his bare hands, but they have no blood or wounds until he looks at them after he walks past Newberry. (00:51:30)

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Chug Roman: Come on, Rae-Rae, give up the plate for old Chug.

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Trivia: The original director's cut of the film ran nearly two hours. The studio, however, severely trimmed the movie down to to just over 80 minutes, cutting out much of the character and story development in order to make the plot move faster. The director considered removing his name from the film and going with "Alan Smithee" (the name directors used to use when they are displeased with a film) as he was devastated by all the edits, but ultimately chose not to.

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