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Other mistake: In the scene where Fiedler is looking up Robert Dean and Rachel Banks' college history, both Dean and Banks' student numbers are the same.

Continuity mistake: When all of the politician's 'henchmen' are leaving 'the office' one of them is wearing sunglasses, that he did not previously have on in that scene.

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Continuity mistake: After nana picked up Will's kids and Will Smith is lying in the back of the car, look closely at nana's seatbelt. In the first shot it's on, in the next shot she doesn't wear it anymore and in next shot its on again.

Continuity mistake: In the beginning scene with Jason Robards and Jon Voight talking on the bench, there seems to be a difference in temperature between shots. When there is a close up of Jon Voight, you can see his breath in the cold air. When there is a close up of Jason Robards, no breath is visible at all.


Character mistake: After the Congressman is killed, the killer dumps pills on the floor of the car. Then the car is then rolled into the river. At about 15:07 the news reporter mentions that the Congressman's heart pills were found in his lap. This would be impossible because the pills and bottle would float and the pills would dissolve in the water. (00:03:45 - 00:15:05)

Continuity mistake: When Dean is on the 17th floor, running from the NSA guys in the hotel, Mr. Wu's room number is 1721. But the NSA guys radio they're at room 1712, and it ends up being the one Dean and the Wus are in.

Factual error: After Will Smith escapes the ambulance and runs into the transit tunnel, NSA crew tunes to the frequency 7.210 Mhz as indicated by a piece of tape stating that is the City authority frequency. Trouble is twofold. First that frequency is an Amateur Radio (Ham Radio) frequency, only for use by licensed amateurs, and second all municipalities and local organizations use VHF frequencies and higher due to propagation and the antenna lengths involved in order to talk to mobiles and vehicles. The frequency should have been above 150 Mhz to be accurate.

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Other mistake: There is a scene with Will Smith is supposedly at the FBI or CIA headquarters (the location is subtitled), but the very distinctive looking building is the HUD - Housing and Urban Development building on 7th St.

Continuity mistake: When Dean's wife is preparing to take their son to his friend's house, Dean is holding a bottle of wine near his shirt collar. In the following shot, the bottle is down near his chest.

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Factual error: When the NSA people identify Brill and go through his file, they tell us that he graduated from Drexel University in 1964. Brill could not have graduated from Drexel University (DU) in 1964 because it was called Drexel Institute of Technology (DIT) at that time, which is the name that would be in the official file. It didn't change from DIT to DU until 1970.

Revealing mistake: When Dean shoots the chasing vehicle with a shotgun, it flips several times. Wires are visible pulling the vehicle to the left.

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Continuity mistake: The whole sequence after Brill blows up his building features changing skies. At first its partially cloudy, and then sunny with blue sky. Finally when they are going toward the highway, the sun is setting.

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Other mistake: When Bobby give Daniel his business card, he was running for his life out of the store. but when they found the business card and Daniel, it was tucked into his leather jacket pocket. Daniel wouldn't have taken the time while he was running to put it in his breast jacket pocket, because when you see him running in the street, and riding on the bike his hands are busy. (00:28:00)

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Continuity mistake: First time the NSA bugs Smith's home, the scene where they are putting the grill back over a air duct, the battery powered driver is turning to the left but the screw is screwing in, showing the shot has been flipped.


Continuity mistake: While in the burning car, we see the fire engulf Robert Dean's arm, up to the shoulder, as well as in his lap. But during shots from outside the car, there's no sign of him being engulfed in flames. Then in the last shot, his jacket is back on fire, but not as much.

Continuity mistake: At the Reynolds' residence, when Tom walks into the bedroom, his wife's hand is on her chin. In the close up shot of her asking if anything is wrong, her hand is no longer there and her arm is down, then in the next shot, her hand is back on her chin.

Continuity mistake: When Will Smith first escapes the ambulance he runs down a tunnel. There is little or no traffic, but when when the agents are closing in on the truck with the power washer, it is jammed nose to tail. Where did all the traffic come from? It wasn't busy enough to create such a small bottle neck of a traffic jam.


Continuity mistake: Towards the end, when Brill and Robert have bugged the Congressman's room, Robert has Babe in his hands, then it cuts away and back, and Babe is not in his hands but is behind him near the pillow of the bed.


Robert Clayton Dean: Hey, I'll be back to get my blender.
John Bingham: Yeah, I'll have it gift-wrapped.

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Trivia: During the brief occasional shots of the satellite you can hear Morse code. The code translates as CQ, which is amateur radio speak for 'is anybody there?' - hardly spy stuff.

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Question: Why does Thomas Reynolds want the telecommunications security and privacy act to be passed into law so bad that he has a congressman killed? To advance his career?

Answer: Yes, and to increase the importance of his agency.

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