The Punisher

Frank also kills Saint's remaining son. Before he kills Howard Saint, he tricks him into thinking that his wife is cheating on him with his best friend/lawyer Quinten Glass. Therefore, he slices Quinten to death in his apartment, then he throws his wife off of a bridge onto train tracks. A train runs over her before she is able to get off of the tracks. Frank is about to kill himself when he sees Maria "talking to him". He leaves his apartment, but leaves three plates of money for his friends for taking care of him. He decides to bacome the "super hero with no powers" and fights crime.


Continuity mistake: When Saints's men are killing Castle's family, there is a shot of Frank and his dad shooting at one of the guys behind the barbecue stand. In one shot Frank and his dad shoot the salad bowl and most of the salad comes out, then in the following shot the salad has magically reappeared. (00:22:30)


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Candelaria: Vaya Con Dios, Castle. Go with God.
Frank Castle: God's gonna sit this one out.

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Trivia: While filming the knife fight scene, Thomas Jane accidentally stabbed Kevin Nash.

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Question: Why doesn't Stan Lee make a cameo in this movie, the second Punisher film, or in both Ghost Rider movies?

Answer: Simple - Stan Lee never created these characters. They were created by the people who worked on the comics. The only Marvel films that he appears in are ones he had a hand in creating.


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