Blood In, Blood Out
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Miklo: What am I going to tell my parole officer?
Popeye: Tell him to suck his pee-pee.

Miklo Velka: When you expect nothing and get everything, that's destiny.

Montana: You speak Spanish huero, so do parrots.

Big Al: Im about finished waiting for my money, punk.

Popeye: Hey, Cinderella, go find yourself a fella, you're on the clock bitch and midnight is coming, you got the wrong man.

Paco: What a dick.
Rollie McCann: Dick and Asshole that's all you ever call me. What is my name Dick Asshole?

Prison Librarian: Cocaine is America's cup of coffee.

Old Con: For Cheap Times! For Cheap Times .

Popeye: White bitch, give me some chon-chon.
Miklo Velka: Get away from me.
Popeye: You get nothing for free in here punk.
Miklo Velka: Chinga TU madre.

Continuity mistake: During most of the movie, Miklo has these incredibly blue contacts on. However, in some scenes (also closeups!) his eyes are the actor's natural grayish-green color.

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Question: Is Joker's girlfriend the same girl who is with Cruz in the car when he gets attacked?

Answer: No.

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