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Corrected entry: When the zombies storm the mall, everyone is able to use the elevator despite the power being out.

Correction: No, when the guys run from the zombies in the garage and end up next to the gas pump, they are in the generator enclosure. So they refuel it and get the power back on.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: Near the end of the film when they are running for the yacht, C.J. waits behind on the bus. The zombies are coming thick and fast at him in the bus and he is shooting at them, yet he then has time to reload his gun and then resume shooting.

Correction: Although there are many zombies outside, the rate at which they enter the bus is limited by the size of the door.

Corrected entry: When they escape from the mall there are so many zombies that they have difficulty moving forward but when the bomb explodes, there are far fewer zombies.

Dr Wilson

Correction: When the gas canister explodes you can see all the zombies fall over. The explosion takes place right in front of the bus and that is also where the camera looks right after the explosion. There are only a few zombies there because they have all been blown out of the way.

Corrected entry: When the guys are being chased through the parking garage, they get behind a chain-link fence and shoot the zombies several times through it. However, even though the guys are only about six feet away from the fence, the fence remains undamaged. They were using blanks. It's highly unlikely that all shotgun rounds went through the open parts and none of them hit the metal.

Correction: I've shot a chainlink fence with 00 buck while hunting and it just swayed the fence a little. Lead isn't really hard enough to damage chainlink fence. And the sparks you see in the movies to show ricochets and bullets/shot hitting metal are extremely rare. So this scene is actually realistic.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: The first time the guys go down in the garage they are mobbed by loads of zombies, yet when they all revamp the buses to make their getaway vehicles, there are none. Were the zombies feeling charitable that day?

Correction: The garage they worked in was not the same garage where the zombies attacked them in.

Corrected entry: What happened to the little girl at the beginning? The main woman locks her out of the bedroom when she attacks her husband. When she escapes, her husband comes back through the front door to chase her. He would've had to pass the girl to get back out and since they seem to hunt in packs you would've thought she'd be with him. Where did she go?

Correction: The little girl could not possibly block a man twice her size and weight, so she is no obstacle to him escaping. She didn't see Ana go out the window, so she probably entered the room as soon as the husband opened the door and tracked Ana to the bathroom, then spent some time figuring it out while he went outside. Also, the undead don't hunt in packs, they are simply commonly attracted to food and certain locations that had great meaning in their lives (like the mall.) In the initial chaos, there are no roaming packs of zombies, and later there is no organization to the mobs.


Corrected entry: The group goes down in the parking garage and they are eventually trapped within a cage with a gasoline pump. When Michael pours gasoline all over the zombies, and a lighter is thrown, the whole area would explode. Gasoline fumes have just as much potential to ignite as the liquid does. Therefore only the zombies lighting up could not happen.

Correction: The gasoline would not produce enough fumes in that short of time that would cause fire/explosions elsewhere other than where it is poured. If gasoline generated fumes that quickly then no one would use it to start stubborn fires.

Corrected entry: Near the beginning of the film, Sarah Polley's character is driving away from the suburbs to escape the carnage. As she's driving we see a van speed across the road and barge into an SUV also on the road before sliding into a gas station and causing a huge explosion. Look closely at the road the van comes off though... Right before the van comes out, the road is completely clear of any vehicles and the van magically appears just in time to swoop into the oncoming SUV.

Correction: You can't see the van because the houses along the street are blocking the view of the road. Watch the scene and you can see that the last 2 houses are spaced out and you can see it on the driving down the street before it comes to the intersection.

Corrected entry: If the zombies could get to the first floor shouldn't there be a stairway, escalator, or some alternative means elsewhere in the mall to get to the second floor beyond the initial elevator? That mall was huge, there's no way one elevator could serve that whole mall.

Correction: There were zombies on the first floor and nobody knew how many. They decided to take the closest elevator instead of risking their lives to take another one further away or an escalator. There were obviously stairs because that is how they got on the roof.

Corrected entry: When the group of survivors first gets to the mall, Ving Rhames gets in a fight with a zombie and fall into the water fountain, giving Ving a nice sized gash in the process. But if a simple bite can turn one of the living into the living dead, wouldn't the blood from these creatures be able to turn a human as well? Sarah Polley washed her hands off in the fountain (supposing it was infected blood).

Correction: Only the saliva transforms people into zombies.

Corrected entry: In the garage scene, Bart is attacked by a legless zombie dangling from some pipes. Being legless, how would he have gotten up there in the first place? It's possible that perhaps when he was human, he got up there first, lost his legs afterward, and then changed into a zombie, but then why would he still be up there after so long? (You can tell he has been dead at least a few weeks by his stage of decomposition.)


Correction: He's got pretty impressive upper body strength. He could have easily climbed up something. Like a fixture against a wall, or some piping that comes down. Alternatively, he may have been a zombie with legs, climbed up there, then lost his legs somehow. Perhaps in a struggle with a survivor who is now among his fellows.

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Continuity mistake: When Ana hands over the file to Cora, Cora grabs the file on the side. When it cuts she grabs it on the top of the file. (00:01:20)

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CJ: What are you, a fucking doctor?
Ana: No, I'm a fucking nurse.

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Trivia: When Kenneth and Andy play chess they use the Alamo chess set. This is symbolic of the situation - a handful of survivors outnumbered by the enemy's forces.

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