Twisted (2004)

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Samuel L. Jackson is the killer. He killed all of Ashley Judd's lovers, as well as her parents, because he did not want her to end up being like her mother. Samuel L. Jackson was her father's partner and he informed her dad that his wife was a nymphomaniac which sent her old man insane. Samuel L. Jackson also had an affair with Judd's mother and took offense to her behavior so much so that he killed her and her lovers. Also ashamed that he destroyed his partner's marriage and shattered his sanity, he decided to put Judd's poppa out of his misery...the only way he knew how. Ashley Judd secretly transmits Sam's confession on a mobile allowing her old partner Richard T Jones to track them down. When he tries to shoot Andy Garcia as he (Sam) is disgusted at him over accidentally 'OD'ing his original partner...Judd shoots him point blank in the chest where he falls off the docks. The film closes on him drifting on the ocean surface surrounded by the cops look on.


Continuity mistake: Ashley Judd is sitting in a bar with Andy Garcia when an ex boyfriend walks in. She says to Andy, "I do not get involved with ex-boyfriends." During that line the camera is to her left and she is holding a drink almost to her mouth. While she says the word "involved," the camera switches to her right side and she is not holding a drink. (00:31:00)

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Question: What really happened to Ashley Judd's parents and why did Samuel L Jackson do what he did? Also, why did he start killing again? Was he planning on killing Ashley Judd as well?

Answer: He killed the parents because the mother was sleeping around and it was driving the father insane. He began killing Ashley Judd's lovers because he could see she was becoming like her mother.

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