Twisted (2004)

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Corrected entry: If the primary investigator on a case became a suspect, that person would no longer be on the case. Jessica is identified as a prime suspect in the murders, and logically, should have been pulled off the investigation.


Correction: The mistake is not a plot hole - just not likely. The film addressed the fact that she should have been pulled from the case - but the chief has reasons to keep her on (he raised her and assumed she was the least likely to discover the truth that he was the murderer because he could influence her).

Continuity mistake: Ashley Judd is sitting in a bar with Andy Garcia when an ex boyfriend walks in. She says to Andy, "I do not get involved with ex-boyfriends." During that line the camera is to her left and she is holding a drink almost to her mouth. While she says the word "involved," the camera switches to her right side and she is not holding a drink. (00:31:00)

daniel hoppins
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