Road to Morocco

Continuity mistake: When Princess Shalmar, Orville, and Jeff are confronted by Kasim as they are escaping, Orville is wearing a flat topped hat to carry a load on his head with. Kasim uncovers the "hidden" Jeff, Orville steps back into scene and he is now wearing a different hat that looks like a fez wrapped in a turban.


Factual error: Orville says that he born on September 13, 1913, a Friday. That was actually a Saturday. (00:46:10)

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Turkey Jackson: Aunt Lucy. I can see her now, lying on her dying bed, looking at you with those big, trusting eyes. 'Before I go, Jeff, promise me one thing, ' she said. 'Promise me you'll always be a friend to little Orville, ' she said. 'No matter what happens, you'll never leave the little jerk, ' she said. 'Promise me, Jeff, promise me, ' she said.
Jeff Peters: Yeah, then she up and died before I had the chance to say no.

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