Big Business

Big Business (1988)


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Sadie Shelton: Oh my God, how did I get so fat? I look like a walleyed salmon! What did he use a wide angle lens?

Sadie Ratliff: You're in America now. Speak American.

Bum: There's two of everyone in there.

Sadie Shelton: Do you want one of the board members to see you? They'll say you're a sniffling hysterical pre-periodic twit.
Rose Shelton: I have a right to my own feelings Sadie and I am not a twit. I may be pre-periodic and I may be hysterical. So what?
Sadie Shelton: So there are drugs for those things and we make most of them.

Sadie Shelton: I don't see how is it that you, my own sister, can stuff your face and nothing happens and I subsist on 60 calories a day or else blow up like a Macy's Day float.

Roon Dimmick: Hey, I like your kimono! D'ya get that in 'Nam?
Chuck: Ah no, Fire Island.

Rose Shelton: I had other plans this evening.
Sadie Shelton: I know what your plans were, to hold up in your room and make love to the pastry cart. Now put down the ├ęclair and get down there.

Sadie Ratliff: That's what the French call a bedet.
Rose Ratliff: Well, those French must be taller than me.

Rose Shelton: I hate my job... I hate shopping... I hate New York in June. How about you?

Roon Dimmick: That's some classical music you got there, right?
Graham Sherbourne: Uh, yes.
Roon Dimmick: I could tell. No lyrics.

Continuity mistake: Better Midler's "country" character spills syrup on her white jacket and tries to rub it away. The size and shape of the stain change as she leaves the restaurant and is seen in the hotel lobby.

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