The Edge

This great movie follows the birthday trip of anthony hopkins as a millionaire with a super model wife. Alec Baldwin plays the guy we all love to hate, making moves on Hopkins wife and playing Hopkins friend as well. Hopkins, an assistant and Baldwin go on a plane trip to photograph a native alaskan hunter. The plane hits birds, causing them to crash into a lake. The pilot dies, Baldwin bails the plane and Hopkins rescues the assistant as well as grabs flares. The story follows the three as they try to get out of the mountains to be rescued. Hopkins extensive knowledge gets them through many things, but they end up back at the lake after a bear attacks them. The assistant cuts his leg bad, Baldwin is to bury the bloody rags but doesn't. The end result is the assistant (a black man of course, typical hollywood) getting horribly ravaged by a huge bear (very graphic). Baldwin runs, Hopkins wants to help but Baldwin pulls him away. The movie goes on to show Baldwin and Hopkins trying to escape from the bloodthirsty bear, eventually killing the bear and using it as a resource for their further travels to escape. The entire time, there is an undertone of menace from Baldwin towards Hopkins, who intends violence towards Hopkins once the two are almost out of danger. They travel and find a cabin, Hopkins realizes that his wife is cheating on him when he sees Baldwins watch has an inscription from Hopkins wife. Baldwin gets a rifle and takes Hopkins outside to "off him"...

Factual error: Charles and Robert manage to outrun a charging Alaskan brown bear over a course of several hundred meters, leading it into a trap. This is absurd. The absolute maximum running speed of a human being is about 27 kilometers an hour, and that is for an appropriately dressed, fit athlete over a very short course on flat ground. They are in a rock strewn stream and are wearing heavy winter clothes. A fit, healthy, active male Alaskan brown bear like the one chasing them could hit 45 kmh in that environment without popping a sweat and could keep that up for a kilometer or more. When enraged or charging prey - as this one was - they have been clocked at 56kmh. This is nothing to do with an adrenaline rush - that will not enable Charles or Robert to exceed their body's maximum running speed by 200%.

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Question: Even though there was a rope ladder in the bear pit where Alec Baldwin impaled his leg, how could he have climbed the ladder, he was in great agony on the table in the cabin?


Chosen answer: Under extreme and dire circumstances, the body can produce excessive amounts of adrenalin, enabling a person to ignore pain and perform physical feats they would ordinarily be unable to do.


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