Twelve Monkeys

Jeffrey (Brad Pitt), and his co-conspirators, The Army Of The Twelve Monkeys were not responsible for releasing the virus. They were only responsible for releasing animals from the zoo. James Cole (Bruce Willis) and Kathryn Railly (Madeleine Stowe) try to head to the ocean (Florida Keys, a recurring destination throughout the film) as Cole has never seen it. Then at the airport, he calls the voicemail number to update the scientists in the future on this revelation about The Army Of The Twelve Monkeys and to tell them he is not coming back. Minutes later the scarred Jose (Jon Seda) appears and gives him a gun to shoot the one responsible for the virus. Dr. Peters (David Morse) was the real perpetrator for the virus, he got the idea when Kathryn and Dr. Goines (Christopher Plummer) were talking on the phone. Kathryn realises this as she spots a picture of Dr. Goines with Dr. Peters on the cover of a newspaper and sees him headed to board a flight. And this is the climax where James' memory/dream collides with reality. The man in the Hawaiian shirt is Cole, the young boy is the younger Cole, the blonde woman is Kathryn, and the long haired brief case man is Dr. Peters. As James tries to shoot Dr. Peters, he instead is shot by the police. As Kathryn scurries towards the gunned down James the younger James witnesses this. Dr. Peters makes it to the airplane, but the female scientist from the future is sat next to him and when asked what she does she replies "I'm in insurance." We are led to believe she will retrieve a pure specimen of the virus and bring it back to the future. The film ends as it began with a close up on young Cole's eyes, this time as he watches the plane flying away from the airport car park.

Rocky Lotito

Continuity mistake: When Cole (Willis) asks Dr. Railly (Stowe) to turn up the radio as they are driving to Philadelphia, the camera cuts to her hand working the radio. The numbers on the radio clearly move as if being tuned, not the volume being raised.

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Jeffrey Goines: ...and if you forget one thing, I will have you shaved, sterilized, and destroyed.

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Trivia: During the phone call between Kathrine and Professor, we can see the roof of laboratory. It is made of ordinary aluminium or plastic blocks, like roofs in offices. This kind of roof can transport air. Persons behind glass are doing something with danger microbes and they are in protective suits. Professor and his assistants, before glass, don't wear that suit, but the holes in roof can transfer microbes to their part of the laboratory. (01:27:35)


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Answer: Cole is screaming "Stop!" so you can't hear what the soldier is saying. If you mean all of it, it's in the line of asking what he is doing there, calling the captain to have a look, ask him where his clothes are, and telling him to speak French.


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