Death Wish 3

Factual error: During the big final battle of the movie the bad guys throw around Molotov cocktails, bottles with a rag stuffed into the top of it filled with gasoline. Problem is that the cocktails explode and shatter glass, when in reality Molotov cocktails don't explode they simply smash. And on top of this the first few cocktails that were thrown at parked cars weren't even on fire, rendering them useless.

Factual error: Kern unwraps the LAW and shows the cop 2 rounds which he says can be fired from the LAW. The LAW is a use and lose type weapon, you fire it once and can't re-use it. It also does not have a handle.

Audio problem: When the policemen are beating Kersey in the interrogation room, the words that they are saying do not at all match their mouths.

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Fraker: Hey, man, I always win.

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