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Continuity mistake: When the car chase ends, the speeding car stops next to a tree. A shot later the car is 10 meters away from it.

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Earthquake mistake picture

Character mistake: During the earthquake at the bar, a man in a yellow shirt crashes against the jukebox. A second later he is next to the pool table.

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Earthquake mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When the car chase comes to an end, check the curb where the cars drive over: a small ramp has been placed to allow for the stunts.

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Earthquake mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When Denise picks up Corry, he has a silver patch underneath his shirt. Seemingly some sort of protection.

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Continuity mistake: During the scene at the airport when the tower OK's the plane to land we can see it is a 707 with TWA-like colors of red and white. Then when there is the shot of the plane on the ground it turns into a DC-8 with orange markings. When the plane takes off into the air the camera shows the 707 again.

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Sam Royce: Barbara, take off your pantyhose, damnit! You too, c'mon, take off your pantyhose.

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Trivia: Walter Matthau plays the drunk who sits at the bar wearing a loud shirt and pimp hat. However, for the end credits his name is listed as "Walter Matuschanskayasky"

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Question: Each time this movie is shown on in Brisbane Australia an important scene is not shown. The deletion is of the airplane landing at the airport and then trying to get air-borne again before the runway is destroyed. Why is this removed?

Answer: There are two versions of the film. A 'film' version which does not include this scene (and others) and a 'TV Miniseries' version. The miniseries version was made to run over two nights and extra scenes were shot to extend the running time.


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