Corrected entry: When Evie is eating pizza outside with Tracy, after their visit to Red Balls, Evie sees Tracy's other friend. She says "You're little friend is coming over". Tracy turns around and says "What", but if you look closely, her lips don't move at all.

Correction: She doesn't say "what", she says "shit", and lips do not have to move at all when that word is spoken.

Corrected entry: In the scene before Evie, Tracy, and Mel go to see Brooke, after Tracy says something like "I can't even remember how to spell photographer", Melanie looks in the mirror and sees Evie on Tracy's right (which would be Tracy's left when not seen in the reflection). But then when the shot moves away from the mirror, Evie's on Tracy's right.

Correction: Think about how Tracy and Evie are sitting in the rearview mirror: Tracy is sitting on the left side of the vehicle behind Melanie, while Evie is to her right. If the camera were to back up, Tracy and Evie would be shown in the exact same way they are shown in the next shot.

Corrected entry: After Tracy steals the wallet from the lady, she goes to a shoe shop with Astrid and Evie. When she puts money down you can see a orange marker, to show her where to put the money down.

Correction: Perhaps you're referring to the dollar bill in the middle of the stack with the large orange stain on the corner.

Corrected entry: When Tracy is cutting her arm, you can see the line she "traces" with the blade before she cuts. (00:38:05)


Correction: This just shows that it is not the first time she has cut herself.

Corrected entry: Throughout the movie if you pay attention you can see that the camera is getting more and more out of focus (the best scene to see this is when Tracy goes to the bathroom in school and just looks in the mirror to "see what she has become"). This is suppose to be symbolic because the worse that Tracy gets the more out of focus the camera is, making lots of scenes a little blurry.

Correction: Not really trivia. Directors use many techniques to express emotions or moods. For example using dark lighting to express moods, jerky movement to show the character might be under drug or alcholic influence etc.

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Corrected entry: When Tracey and Melanie are buying clothes from the van, many of the people walking past slow down or stop and look at the camera. (00:09:20)


Correction: Maybe they are just watching them buy stuff because it actually isn't that normal to have a van in the middle of the street selling clothes, is it?

Corrected entry: After Tracy cuts her arm with scissors, she goes back to bed. Notice she is wearing a blue long sleeved shirt while she sleeps. In the next scene when Tracy wakes up and Evie is beside her, Tracy is wearing a green long sleeved shirt.


Correction: The shirt is the same but the light makes it appear a different color.

Corrected entry: In the scene when Tracy and Evie are getting high, the cut on Tracy's lip is on the right side of her face, but it changes back and forth form the left to the right side for the rest of the movie.

Correction: The cut only ever appears on her left side, except for shots of Tracey looking at herself in the mirror - only time you get a reversed view.


Corrected entry: In the scene right after Javi asks Tracy for her number, Tracy says she doesn't want him to go to her house. Evie then says, "My aunt says only one friend at a time", she makes the point that Brooke is her cousin (as opposed to her aunt) many times in the movie.

Correction: In the begging Evie tells Tracy that Brooke is her aunt too, she then later tells her that Brooke is her cousin, but she just refers to her as her aunt

Continuity mistake: As Tracy throws her socks into her trashcan, and then her teddies (both from the bed and from the wall,) in nearly every shot the teddies differ positions/return/disappear etc. (00:08:00)

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Melanie: I want you here with me. You're my heart. I'll make it right.

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Trivia: When Tracy is spinning on the playground equipment in the final scene, she is wearing the clothes that Evie wore when they went to the neighbor lifeguard Luke's house. This may be a call back to her missing Evie after she left or a representation of how Tracy's style changed over time. Also, when Tracy wakes up next to Mel in the end she looks disappointed. And I have come to think that she is upset because she wanted to wake up next to Evie again. (00:49:51 - 01:34:51)

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Question: Does anyone know what the scene with the chicken is all about? Where did the chicken come from, and is it supposed to represent anything?


Chosen answer: If you watch the commentary on the movie they discuss this, they explain that the guy who played the mom's boyfriend came up to them and just started doing that thing with the chicken and they thought it was funny so they put it in the movie.

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