The Band Wagon
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Tony Hunter: What's happened to 42nd Street? I just can't get over it! I just can't understand it? I mean, this used to be the great theater street of the town. The New Amsterdam - I had one of my biggest successes there. It ran a year and a half. Noel Coward and Gertie were over here in "Private Lives."

Hansom Driver: Where to?
Tony Hunter: Oh, eh, leave it to the horse.

Tony Hunter: I could smell trouble a mile off. And this poor kid was in trouble! Big trouble! She was scared! Scared as a turkey in November.

Jeffrey Cordova: Up to now, I've been giving you orders as director. But, when next you see me, I shall be just as one of you: an eager ham, anxious to make good. Actors, let's go.

Tony Hunter: There was something about this kid that made you want to protect her - from life.

Lester Marton: Gosh, with all this raw talent around, why can't us kids get together and put on ourselves a show! Maybe, we could find ourselves a barn or something.

Continuity mistake: On the marquee that advertises the show "Band Wagon", the name of the actress is listed as Gabrielle "Girard", but when the scene switches to a shot of someone holding the program for the show, her name on several pages of the program is spelled Gabirelle "Gerard".

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