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Corrected entry: The beer pitcher, empty mug, and crumpled napkin move around the bar in several consecutive shots. (00:05:05)


Correction: Where exactly? What bar in what scene? You have to be a bit more specific than this.

Corrected entry: The bartender delivers Lee a beer and she empties it without apparently drinking it. (00:04:10)


Correction: We see her chugging the beer down in one hit.

Corrected entry: In the film, it is assumed that Aileen was not gay until she met her girlfriend. In fact, she had already been for two years.

Correction: The film doesn't deny Aileen Wournous's sexuality (in fact she was bisexual, not fundamentally gay). She denies it herself several times, but she is also represented for what she was in real life - a near pathological liar.

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie, there is a scene that gets repeated later in the movie. Aileen is underneath a highway underpass and she is telling her story as she is holding her gun, that was used in the killings. Towards the end of the movie after Shelby leaves on the bus, Aileen is hunched over a bridge rail and throws her gun into the river. The next scene is the same highway underpass from the beginning of the movie, so she shouldn't have the gun anymore.

Correction: At the beginning of the film, Aileen is shown underneath the highway underpass before she has met Selby and thus before she has committed the murders (she then goes on to comment that the day she met Selby she had been sitting in the rain about to kill herself). The scene towards the end of the film is in the same location but is not the same scene from the beginning of the film.

Corrected entry: After Aileen has killed her 1st victim, she is driving his car and drinking out of his flask, the closeup shows her throw the flask out of the window, then the cut of the front of the car shows her doing it again. (00:29:45)

Correction: She throws several things out of the car window. The flask was first then some other things.

William Bergquist

Corrected entry: When Charlize shoots one of her victims he falls out of the drivers door to the ground flat on his back. In the next shot we see the passenger door with blood on the exterior. The victim never moved from the ground,how did the blood get on the outside of the door?

Correction: It is possible that the bullet went through the door and took some blood and flesh with it. It is possible within the context of the film.

Corrected entry: Wrong plate and tax Sticker for 1990 - When Aileen is taking the rear plate off the Grand Am, it shows a Florida plate with a light green Florida map and a yellow tax sticker. As a historical fact, that color combination of license plate and tax sticker was for 1987 as shown at the website (01:12:05)

Correction: You get a new sticker every year, but you don't get a new license plate. If it was already past the month for her renewal, she could have a 1987 plate with a yellow 1991 sticker.

Corrected entry: In one of the last scenes, where Lee is talking to Selby, you can see Lee waiting her to answer. After a couple of words, she asks Selby where is she and she answers "at a motel"... Wouldn't Lee know where she was by the fact she made the call?

Correction: Selby probably just left a message for Lee with a phone number to call but no location. Since she is supposedly on the run (though we know the police have caught up with her), she wouldn't be expected to call the prison and let them know where she can be found.

Corrected entry: Lee and Shelby lived in the motel, then they moved into an apartment in a later scene they're back in the motel.

Correction: At that point they were on the run, and had abandoned their house. It was a different motel.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Charlize Theron and Christina Ricci are in the car and Christina is driving, the camera pans to Charlize smoking a cigarette. The first shot it is half way done, the 2nd time it is at the filter and then again half way done and then it's gone and she lights a brand new one. (01:10:05)

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Will: You wanna call me "Daddy" while I fuck you, huh?
Aileen: I'll try. Why? You like to fuck your kids?

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Trivia: "Selby Wall", played by Christina Ricci, is a totally fictional character. She does not exist. Wuornos' lover was Tyria Moore, who is tall and stocky and looks nothing like Ricci. There is evidence that Wuornos told Moore about at least one of the murders she committed (Richard Mallory in November 1989) and she didn't report it. She agreed to make the phone call to Wuornos, taped by the police, in exchange for immunity from prosecution. This is correctly depicted in the film.

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Question: Is it true that Lee was able to steal enough money from her victims to buy a house (or even just put a down payment on it?) I would assume she could only use cash, and it seems unfeasible that she'd be able to acquire that much cash from people's wallets without murdering hundreds of them.


Chosen answer: In the story it shows she does not kill every man. It is possible she had sex with multiple men without killing them and got more money (but maybe not that much) than just what she stole from the men she killed.

Answer: They never bought a house. They lived in cheap hotel rooms where Tyria Moore (Selby's real name) worked as a chamber maid.


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