Poolhall Junkies

Trivia: Christopher Walken made the trick shot in Phil's poolroom upstairs on the first try. According to the filmmakers, this was supposed to be one of several practice shots, but the cameras were rolling "just in case" he made it.


Trivia: Champion trick shot master Mike Massey makes an appearance as Saint Louis Louis in the scene where Johnny and his brothers go to watch the pros play.

oddy knocky

Trivia: One of the producers makes a cameo appearance in the movie as pro pool player Bobby LeBlanc. He is also responsible for making all the shots in the movie where the actor's faces aren't visible and only their hands are.

oddy knocky

Trivia: The co-directors of the film actually met one another while trying to hustle one another at pool. Some of the hustles shown in the movie are taken from their real life experiences.

oddy knocky

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