Poolhall Junkies

Mike, Johnny's backer asks Brad's backer, Joe, to shoot it all, and put everything on the line. Johnny shoots so that the nine-ball ends up in between the cue ball and eight-ball, leaving Brad with a very difficult shot. Brad jumps the cue ball over the nine-ball and makes the eight-ball into a side pocket but leaves the nine-ball sandwiched between the cue ball and side rail. Brad concentrates on making the tough shot but Johnny interrupts and confidently tells him that it's a very easy shot and that he'd gladly take it. Brad replies to Johnny that he, too, would rather have Johnny try it. Joe asks Johnny for $5000 to take the shot and Johnny agrees. Johnny tries the shot but the nine-ball ends up inches short from the corner pocket. Brad positions his cue for the final shot but Johnny stops him and says that he just paid $5000 for Brad's shot, and therefore it's now his shot. He takes his shot and wins the money. The gangsters chase down Joe and later Johnny goes pro.

Tony Dao

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Max: Never go swimming. You'll drown.



During the final pool sequences, there's a quick glimpse of the main character's left (broken) wrist. It's normally all purple and gross looking, but in a brief shot, you can see his left hand shooting the pool cue and there is no purple swelling.



Christopher Walken made the trick shot in Phil's poolroom upstairs on the first try. According to the filmmakers, this was supposed to be one of several practice shots, but the cameras were rolling "just in case" he made it.